100x Revenue in Six Years: Dr. Sam Heidari on Quantenna, 5G and Edge Computing

by Simone Brunozzi


Behind the Scenes

There are companies and founders everybody knows about, like Zuckerberg, Musk, Bezos. And then there are founders who are similarly successful, but whose products remain behind the scenes. Most of us have no idea about these people and their innovations, even though we should. Dr. Sam Heidari is one of these people. 

Sam is a seasoned technology executive for both public and private companies. Recently, he was the chairman of the board and CEO of Quantenna Communications. He led the organization in developing the most advanced Wi-Fi hardware and software solutions to date—enabling networking applications previously thought impossible. 

“Focus on where is the market, how big is that market, and how well your solution is going to revolutionize and change that market.” 

– Dr. Sam Heidari

In our conversation, we discuss Quantenna’s custom-built chipset that dramatically improves the performance of wireless devices. He shares his ideas on the types of applications that will benefit from this new technology and offers practical advice to anyone interested in founding a company.