Cota Capital – Knowledge is the Ultimate Capital with Infinite Possibilities

An Interview with Bobby Yazdani and Babak Poushanchi, Moderated by Lily Sarafan

Founders in 15 brings you insightful conversations with founders across various thriving industries, including Modern Infrastructure, Workflow Automation, FinTech, and HealthTech. 

In this episode, Lily Sarafan, co-founder and Executive Chair of Home Care Assistance (HCA) and operating partner of Cota Capital, sat down with Babak Poushanchi, co-founder and managing partner of Cota Capital, and Bobby Yazdani, co-founder and partner of Cota Capital to discuss the origins of Cota Capital.

“The firm of the future is a verticalized capital stack, so you don't define yourself by saying 'I am a private equity firm'. We will define ourselves by saying we are a capital provider and a research, knowledge, and operational expertise provider to companies in a certain thematic.”

- Babak Poushanchi