Don’t Capture Value. Create It: Tim O’Reilly and the Maximization of Value

An Open Conversation with the Man Who Coined Open Source

If you are in the tech or software industry, you certainly know Tim O’Reilly and the company he founded, O’Reilly Media. Tim is not only a very influential technologist, but also an equally influential philosopher of the Internet, whose ideas have helped shape the way we think about our online, networked world.

“There’s an awful lot of people who’ve made a lot of money over the last decade and a half, creating very little value.” 

– Tim O’Reilly

Tim and I had a fascinating, wide-ranging conversation, touching on how he convinced Jeff Bezos not to patent the “one-click button”; starting O’Reilly Media; his book What Is the Future?; and re-thinking the global economy. We also touch on how he met Frank Herbert, the author of Dune, and why ultimately, creating value is more important than capturing it.