Going Viral: The Future of Human Health

by Simone Brunozzi


Pandemic Resilience, and Biowarfare

This week for Cota Access we discussed COVID-19, mRNA vaccines, synthetic biology and more. Our panel includes:

    Our panelists have been leading key COVID-19 initiatives at their respective institutions, Stanford and Johns Hopkins. They teach, research, speak, lead, and generally mic drop on all things “viral.”

    We spoke about the new variants, the tech behind mRNA vaccines and synthetic biology, as well as what real threats and opportunities surround biosecurity and biowarfare today.

    “The world is a big place and I think it’s important to remember— if we’ve learned nothing else from this year—is that infectious diseases don’t care about borders and that as long as the infections are raging in lots of other countries we’re going to have a problem.”

    – Gigi Kwik Gronvall

    With unique lenses on infectious disease, public health, and biowarfare, doctors Trounce and Gronvall enlightened us on topics that don’t often get the attention they deserve. Their training and vantage points helped shed light and hope on our current predicament around how we can elevate our resilience as a species, as a nation, and as a planet in the face of future bio-events.



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