Loris Degioanni: From Wireshark to Sysdig

by Simone Brunozzi


Leveraging Open Source

In this episode, I speak with Loris Degioanni, serial entrepreneur, co-founder of the wireless networking company CACE and the digital security firm Sysdig. Loris recounts his early days as an engineer and PhD in Turin, and how he managed to move to the U.S. and found a startup leveraging the huge open source community around a product he co-developed, Wireshark. 

“As an entrepreneur, it’s a tiring and painful journey, but I would do it again any day and I really recommend anyone try it because it’s one of the most exciting things you can do with your life.” 

– Loris Degioanni

After CACE was acquired by Riverbed in 2010, Loris decided to start Sysdig in 2012, this time focusing on observability and security in the Linux container space. Sysdig now employs more than 250 people.