Low-Code/No-Code: Making Everyone a Developer

by Eric Yeh, Principal


In this Cota Access webinar, our panel discusses…

  • What low-code/no-code is
  • How they expect it to evolve
  • The impact low-code/no-code will have on the software ecosystem
  • Benefits organizations can gain

The panel features three industry leaders and innovators:

  • Stephen Branstetter, COO at Smartsheet
  • Michael Beckley, Founder & CTO at Appian
  • Amar Dhaliwal, CEO at Atheer

The moderator is Eric Yeh, a Principal at Cota Capital.



IDC estimates that there are currently 28 million software developers globally. While that may sound like a considerable number, the exponential growth in demand for software developers has created a widening technology skills gap which cannot be addressed by just training more software developers.

“What does that future look like [with low-code/no-code]? Innovation is happening faster, we’re solving problems more quickly, and we’re doing it in a scalable way. And, we learn from the past–there is governance and security involved as well.”

– Stephen Branstetter

Low-code / no-code development holds the potential to expand the accessibility of software development to the average knowledge worker. The adoption of low-code / no-code development platforms can simplify and streamline the software development cycle to accelerate time to market and improve productivity.

In addition, low-code / no-code development tools and feature sets embedded in application software can enable users to customize and adapt these applications to fit the specific needs and business processes of their organizations, rather than adapting business processes to fit the constraints of the software.



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