Rage Against the Machine Learning: Panel Experts Weigh in on Effective ML

by Albert Azout, Venture Partner


Deploying Machine Learning Successfully

This episode of Cota Access brings together four industry leaders who share their insights on machine learning, MLOps, and practical tips to deploy ML effectively. Our panel includes:

  • Evan Sparks, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO of Determined AI
  • Adam Wenchel, CEO at ArthurAI
  • Giri Iyengar, PhD, Vice President, Marketing and Conversational AI Platforms at Capital One
  • Jim Scott, Head of Developer Relations, Data Science at Nvidia

“One of the key things that makes machine learning systems different from traditional software is that in order for them to really realize their value you need to be continuously retraining and updating these models as new data comes in, as we learn more about the world.” 

– Evan Sparks

These experts discuss the challenges involved in deploying machine learning effectively, the constraints around deployment, why companies need to prepare for inevitable data drift, and the best way to ensure stability in machine learning implementations.



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