Rollbar – Find and Fix Errors in Your Code in Real-Time

Founders in 15 brings you insightful conversations with founders across various thriving industries, including Modern Infrastructure, Workflow Automation, FinTech, and HealthTech. 

Bobby Yazdani, co-founder and partner of Cota Capital, meets with mission-driven founders of leading companies to talk about personal stories, blueprints for scaling businesses, maximizing long-term outcomes, and what it takes to build a company. 

In this episode, Bobby meets with Brian Rue, the CEO and co-founder of Rollbar, a San Francisco-based provider of real-time error monitoring Software as a Service, where he leads the company’s overall strategy and direction. Prior to Rollbar, Brian was the co-founder and CTO of 6waves, a leading publisher of independent games on social networks and mobile platforms.

“The more we can be honest about the situation that we’re in and what the problems are, the more we can make true progress.” 

- Brian Rue