Seeing is Believing: Observability

Unique Perspectives on Observability

In the world of software, observability helps cross-functional teams track the health of software environments and troubleshoot. Observability is the ‘how’ to empower companies to understand what is slow or broken, as well as quickly decipher exactly what needs to be done to improve performance. Eric Lee, Principal at Cota Capital discusses with our panelists:

“I started Rollbar a number of years ago to try to take everything I learned and make it possible for developers to build software faster than they ever thought possible.” 

- Brian Rue

Despite all the tools available, monitoring and diagnosing the health of your IT infrastructure is incredibly hard. Our panelists, who work in very different parts of the IT infrastructure ecosystem, take a closer look at these challenges, the trends in the space, what it takes to successfully implement observability, and the benefits your organization can gain from it.