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The Future is 5G with Hossein Moiin

The Only Thing Limiting the Full Potential of 5G is Our Imagination

We’ve been hearing about 5G for quite some time now—so much so that “5G fatigue” is a thing. Nonetheless, it remains worth talking about. In fact, my guest for this conversation believes that there is transformational power that we’ve yet to see from 5G. 

Originally from Iran, Hossein Moiin is an accomplished entrepreneur, engineer and executive, with three decades of extensive experience in the telecom and communications industries. Over the last three years, he has been involved in a number of initiatives and activities around building 5G networks. In fact, Hossein actually has his own lab, in which he builds 5G radio and 5G core to test various network components.

“5G enables many things and it is limited by only our own imagination. I ask everyone listening, do not limit your imagination. If you can dream it, it can probably be built.”   

-Hossein Moiin

We discuss the early years of his career and he shares some key takeaways and changes he has seen over the last 20 years. We also dive into his role at Nokia, where he first began thinking about 5G, a full decade before 5G was even visible to the general public. While Hossein acknowledges that it will take time to see the long-term impact, he urges people to hold off for another few years before we judge if 5G was a true success.