SoundHound – Powering the Voice AI Customer Experience

by Bobby Yazdani, Founder & Partner


Interview conducted on January 26, 2022.

Keyvan Mohajer is Co-Founder & CEO at SoundHound, a Cota Capital-backed company that went public in 2022 (SOUN). SoundHound’s mission is to allow people to talk to technology just as they do with each other.

SoundHound powers Hyundai’s intelligent assistants, along with the voice-recognition systems for Mercedes-Benz, Motorola, Deutsche Telecom, Harman (a subsidiary of Samsung), Pandora, Honda, VIZIO, and Mastercard. SoundHound supports 25 languages.

In this exclusive interview with Bobby Yazdani, Cota Capital Co-Founder & Partner, conducted on January 26, 2022, Keyvan recounts how he led SoundHound from vision to exit, including how Amazon’s Alexa team paid them the greatest compliment.

Keyvan’s demo video of SoundHound technology went viral back in 2015, with 2.2 million views.



Cota Capital’s “Founders in 15” series offers insightful conversations with founders across Enterprise Infrastructure, Enterprise Automation, FinTech, and HealthTech. Bobby Yazdani is co-founder and partner of Cota Capital, a technology investment firm that partners with exceptional teams to build and grow timeless companies enabling the future.