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Jason Henrichs

Jason Henrichs


Jason is the CEO of Alloy Labs, a consortium of community and midsize banks operationalizing innovation through startup partnerships and strategic investments. He co-hosts Breaking Banks, the largest fintech podcast in the world. Jason is a frequent speaker and author on financial innovation, regulation, and compliance as competitive advantage. He served on the fintech advisory boards for the City of Chicago, the AARP, the Financial Health Network Innovation Lab, and the SXSW Accelerator. Jason teaches at the Pacific Coast Banking School, University of Wisconsin Graduate School of Banking, the Digital Banking School at the University of Wisconsin and Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University. 

In addition to his venture capital activity, Jason and his wife are active angel investors in companies that include mobile savings, B2B payments, international payments, compliance, insurance, investment management, fraud detection, analytics, and back-office tools with an emphasis on companies that promote diversity and inclusion.