As seasoned technology founders, operators, and investors, building and scaling great companies is in our DNA. We understand first hand that the journey requires tremendous resilience, adaptation, support, and trusted advice.

Cota Capital Manifesto

Cota Capital Manifesto

Humanity has the incredible, unusual, and inspiring capacity to better itself, especially under pressure. Today, the world is recovering from a pandemic and working to solve major new conflicts, all while we advance into the fourth industrial revolution that will fundamentally alter society. Read More

Cota Connect

In May, we held our inaugural 2022 Cota Connect summit in San Francisco bringing together over 300 investors, entrepreneurs, and technology and academic leaders. Throughout the two days, attendees enjoyed inspiring presentations and panel discussions from Cota and our amazing portfolio companies. We examined key market trends and lessons learned, and we had the opportunity to network in-person after two years of virtual gatherings. Here are some 2022 Cota Connect highlights:


Our time is the most important currency we offer. We take pride that we are known as active, impactful partners. We have assembled a dedicated team of investment and operating professionals to advise and work alongside our companies. Think of us as both coach and teammate. Company building is not a spectator sport.


The road a company takes in its development is never predictable or easy to navigate. Each phase of growth is characterized by different needs, opportunities, and challenges. With our extensive operating backgrounds, we help companies anticipate blind spots and get past roadblocks. We can help see what’s around the corner.


To succeed, businesses require access to key relationships at every stage along the way. We offer a vast and high caliber network of relationships that we have cultivated over time. We leverage these industry advisors, domain experts, technology leaders, and other partners to unlock opportunities and open doors for our companies. We know it takes a village.


Our entrepreneurs are motivated, brilliant leaders with growth-oriented mindsets. We support their growth and development by hosting regular community events, networking, and learning opportunities to advance their knowledge and skillsets.


We are always questioning our assumptions, seeking out new data, and refining our approach. Through our multi-stage investing and deep research into both the private and public markets, we are able to extract valuable insights that we can put to work for the benefit of our portfolio companies.