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We adhere to the highest ethical standards across all of our actions and decisions, and we focus on delivering on our commitments to each other, to our investors, and to our companies.



We appreciate the long and difficult journey of building and growing companies. The entrepreneur’s journey is not an easy one and a high level of resilience is needed to face the many challenges along the way. We question the status quo, embrace innovation and change, focus on solving problems, and do what is right rather than what is easy.



We embrace opportunities that deliver a positive impact to our people, our companies, our communities, and our investors.


We operate with empathy and focus on being reliable, responsive, and helpful in all that we do. We share our expertise and resources, and provide support and encouragement across our interactions.



We embrace the diversity across our team, our companies, and our communities. We focus on operating with an inclusive mindset that embraces diverse points of view and operates with professional respect.




We serve as fiduciaries and adhere to the highest ethical principles. We set a high standard of excellence and integrity and hold ourselves accountable for our actions and decisions. We apply intellectual and operational rigor to what we do and strive to create repeatable successes and repeatable risk management.