Knowledge Capital

Knowledge is the Ultimate Capital.

In a knowledge-based economy, financial capital is not enough.

Cota delivers Knowledge Capital, a differentiated combination of deep operational expertise, know-how, impactful and data-driven market insights and intelligence, and a vast industry network. Together, these elements are put to work to empower Cota entrepreneurs to execute their vision, unlock scale, minimize risk, and bring enduring ideas to life.

Cota Knowledge Capital encompasses Cota Advisory, Cota University, and Cota Research.

Cota Advisory

Cota Advisory was created to partner with our portfolio companies through a process of deep engagement throughout the various challenges they face along their journeys of incubation and growth. Cota Advisory consists of two groups – Cota full-time professionals, and Cota Operating and Venture Partners. Each group brings a set of skills that is unique, crucial, and relevant for the portfolio companies. The Cota Advisory team is fully committed to helping portfolio companies throughout all stages of growth to help them build successful companies.

Cota University

What incubators do for the initial stages of a company to get to product market fit, Cota University does for startups looking to scale. Cota University offers portfolio companies’ founders and CEOs a curriculum that is focused on foundational skills that are critical to building successful companies. Cota University also provides entrepreneurs and their management teams access to Cota resources and experts with deep operating experience, who provide functional coaching and mentorship.  

Cota Research

Cota Research plays a key role in Cota’s investment selection process. Our research helps us identify new market opportunities and provides valuable insights enabling us to avoid potential landmines. Cota Research also contributes to the success of our portfolio companies.  Through deep competitive intelligence, we help our companies identify potential differentiators, known gaps, and future threats enabling them to build more competitive products and win more deals.

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