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Our Companies

Cota Capital invests in exceptional teams to build timeless technology companies that address Net New challenges.

Building the AI to unlock programmable biology.
AI-powered, real-time surgical visualization/guidance technology based on laser speckle pattern imaging.
Wealth management platform to manage complex portfolios across all asset classes.

Using CRISPR to uncover disease-driving RNA messages to find treatments for cancer and diseases with high unmet needs.

Amplifier Security enables companies to harness the power of AI and their workforce to secure their business.
AI shopping concierge for every customer.
Low-power, versatile RF, and mixed-signal chipsets for 5G wireless and satellite communication.
Marketplace connecting investors and private fund managers.
Influencer marketing platform for producing branded creative at scale.

No-code solution connecting consumer brands directly with their customers.

Unified Service Network Operations Platform to streamline operations across your entire service network.

Web infrastructure solutions, including blockchain, privacy, and AI.


Cryptocurrency characterized by a stable store of value initially pegged to the U.S. Dollar.

Berkeley Lights empowers Digital Cell Biology by combining bioscience, technology, and information to accelerate your science.


Hyper-acceleration technology that delivers orders of magnitude performance gains for big data platforms.

Peptide therapeutics for the treatment of immuno-inflammatory diseases and cancer.
Genetic diagnostics of rare diseases based on next-generation sequencing.


Smart, connected luggage.  

An e-commerce-driven apparel company that designs and sells men’s clothing.

A scalable AI marketing platform enabling brands to better understand and communicate with their customers.
Bossa Nova Robotics

Bossa Nova Robotics

Robotics for retail that collect and analyze on-shelf inventory data.


Brand platform with data-driven innovation process tailoring products to millennial customers.
Marketplace for general contractors.
Smart home security system.
Space-based earth observation satellites equipped with very high resolution synthetic aperture radar.


Platform helping healthcare organizations better manage patient populations using predictive analytics.
CAST AI’s platform cuts cloud cost in half.
Cell engineering platform using scalable, high-throughput microfluidic technology for the efficient delivery of gene-editing molecules into cells.
Chrono Therapeutics

Chrono Therapeutics

Transdermal digital drug delivery improving clinical outcomes for patient’s battling addictions and living with neurological disorders.
Global mobile wallet payment gateway for processing, settlement, reporting, and risk/fraud/compliance management.
Real estate technology platform and service company.
Integrated, cloud-based lending platform.
Cloud infrastructure revolution against high costs, low utilization, and multi-cloud complexity across legacy and cloud native workspaces.
Regulatory change management intelligence and collaboration platform for companies in the financial industry.
Secure, cloud-based document capture, workflow automation, and application integration for healthcare and highly regulated industries.
Proprietary gel technology to accelerate the molecular interactions that are fundamental to measuring proteins.
A mobile-first insurance marketplace that compares quotes from more that 30 insurance companies.
Next-generation digital bank.
Intelligence platform that helps find and prioritize target companies to source more opportunities.


Next-generation social platform for passive media sharing.
Operating system for coffee shops.
Next-generation 3D printing software.
Smart mattresses and accessories to track and improve sleep.
A software-based operating system to intelligently control energy resources.
Software infrastructure to manage the end-to-end policymaking lifecycles in government agencies.
Developing CRISPR-based therapies to cure viral infectious diseases and improve the lives of chronically ill patients.
High-touch wealth management meets modern technology.
Launch partner for token-gated merchandise, exclusive promotions, VIP access and more.
Platform for building, scaling, and securing production Node-RED applications to digitize industrial processes.
Predictive analytics and financing for airfare.
Fortify is an architected materials and digital manufacturing company.


Fraction is your dedicated friend for recommendations.
Gate provides secure, verified access to your home with unique codes and live video streaming of every door

Glow provides SMBs workers’ compensation and other insurance coverage through a modern digital agency platform. 

Energy storage management systems.
Traffic engineering platform for governments.
Precision oncology company offering proprietary blood tests, vast data sets, and advanced analytics.
HR, compliance, payroll, and benefits platform.
Cloud-based accounting software and services for small businesses.
Empowering organizations to build, maintain, and upgrade their infrastructure through automation and AI.
InSpeed Networks

InSpeed Networks

Service enabling high-quality voice calls, smooth video conferencing and responsive applications over any Internet connection.
Jirav is a cloud-based financial software that provides all-in-one budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and dashboarding solutions.

Keychain Logistics

A marketplace that connects companies’ shipping products with independent truck owners/operators.
Platform to help businesses finance their inventory purchases.
Building a predictive engine to determine the best treatment for every cancer.
Layr’s platform modernizes the complex, manual workflows of small business insurance for a digital, data-driven future.


Technology-enabled e-commerce beauty retailer focusing on Korean beauty products.


Cloud software to help improve key workflows in hospitals.
Miroculus' Miro Canvas automates NGS library prep in a compact system, simplifying science for all labs.
Targeted single-cell DNA sequencing platform.
Automating customer experience (CX) monitoring in the physical world.
E-commerce driven children's apparel brand with an omni-channel strategy.
Powering high performance communication networks.
Multerra Bio

Multerra Bio

Protein detection platform for measuring biomolecular binding affinities.
Online food ordering and meal delivery service.
Building data driven products for banks, credit unions, and fintech innovators.
NPS Software Defined Radar (SDR) to help improve safety and reduce cost.
MEMs based force-sensing solutions.
Building a privacy-first, high-performance cloud computing platform on blockchain.
Platform for governments to access, analyze, and share financial data.
An AI-powered open Logistics Network driving the cost-effective movement of goods.


An insurance claim monitoring platform that detects and stops malingering, exaggerated, or ineligible claims, preventing unnecessary payments.
Delivering insights, agility, and transparency to enable real-time digital supply chain operations.
Distributed cloud service that offers Open Source services in the cloud native ecosystem.
AI-enabled platform for photographic editing.
Multi-scale biochemical phenotyping.
Pronto helps companies build, manage, scale, and monetize partner ecosystems through collaboration, automation, and scalability.
Advancing surgery through a proprietary platform that synthesizes artificial intelligence, computer vision, and augmented reality.
Dialysis disinfection device using ultraviolet technology.
Next-generation technologies for extracting, enriching, and quantifying nucleic acids from biological samples.


Unified commerce platform for the restaurant industry.
Processor architecture optimized for on-device artificial intelligence computing.


Transforming drug discovery into a design process.
A tech-driven brokerage firm for real estate professionals eager to grow their brands and profits.
Ramen provides a Network-as-a-Service solution for the uncarpeted enterprise.
Recurring billing and revenue management platform.
Unified, cloud-managed physical security platform.
Layer 1 blockchain based on Zero Knowledge Proofs.
Discover, predict, and resolve errors in your code in real-time.
Digital mortgage software platform connecting customers and lenders.
Cloud-native generative AI-powered analytics automation platform.


Mobile banking service designed for freelancers, startups, and small businesses.
Using GenAI, Simbian integrates secure AI solutions into business operations to enhance security and quickly address evolving needs.
Exceptional voice Experiences for every business.
Merchant services aggregator and mobile payment company.
Sensors and mobile applications providing predictive analytics for oil and gas production optimization.
Building the next generation of voice-based conversational agents.
Enabler of account-to-account (A2A) payments in Europe.


Marketplace for companies to connect with digital marketers.
Intimate apparel brand and e-retailer with personalized shopping experience.
A leading personal finance app that analyzes spending, identifies inefficiencies, and offers immediate ways to improve financial health.
Ad-supported TV and movie streaming service.
Mobile app connecting passengers with drivers for hire.


Online marketplace for legal services that enables users to find and hire attorneys.
Engineering intelligence for enterprise.
Connects wealth advisors and their clients to a comprehensive set of financial services products.
Untethered, handheld, and affordable ultrasound for point of care.
Platform to automate, monitor, and simplify gross tissue sample processing.
Open-source framework for building serverless applications.
High-definition radar for autonomous vehicles.


Business intelligence and data visualization platform for cloud, big data, live streaming data, multisource, and embedded analytics.
Synthetic biology platform using automation, machine-learning, and genomics to develop genetically engineered microbes.

Cota Capital invests in exceptional teams to build timeless technology companies that address Net New challenges.



Company building is not a spectator sport. Our team of operating professionals advises and works alongside our companies. Think of us as both coaches and teammates.