John Jung: Energy Will Be Like Software

The Future of Energy 

I had a chance to catch up with John Jung, President, EV Solutions at Energy Vault, and operating partner at Cota Capital. John is an accomplished entrepreneur and an experienced strategist in the energy, renewables, and smart grid sectors. John shares his experience at Greensmith, one of the fastest growing energy storage companies, which he took from concept to a global industry leader. The company now deploys more than one-third of total U.S. energy storage systems.

“I don’t believe in this adage that you should raise as much money as possible, for two reasons: you have to return that money later, and you have to do well with it and have outcomes. The second reason is that I think sometimes when you have enough or too much money you’re tempted to try different things as opposed to really forcing yourself to make a decision on what it is you want to be really good at and what you want to disrupt.”

– John Jung

John shares his learnings from Greensmith, and we discuss energy storage in detail as well as how the energy sector is undergoing a revolution led by software.