Medicine at the Edge: How Soon Will the Star Trek Tricorder Be in Our Hands?


News Flash: The basic components of the tricorder are already in our hands — and on our wrists. Wearables like the Apple Watch, continuous glucose monitors and Oura Ring are at this moment ‘beaming up’ streams of data to our healthcare providers. Rapid technological advancements increase medical capabilities across the spectrum, from home all the way to the clinic and to the operating theater.

Right now, your cardiologist can detect heart disease using an ultrasound probe that fits in her pocket. Your surgeon can visualize blood flow through a scope. Your neurologist can get a 3D VR view of the spine with only a minimal incision.

Watch our moderator, Cota Venture Partner, Dr. Kian Beyzavi, and our esteemed panelists to see what's next in the tricorder quest — and learn how tech is shifting the leading edge of medicine as we know it:

Handheld Wireless Ultrasound Imaging: Amin Nikoozadeh, CEO of Vave Health

Digital Surgery Imaging: Todd Usen, CEO of ActivSurgical

Surgery via AI, Computer Vision, AR/VR & Robotics: Gabriel Jones, CEO of Proprio

Surgical Critical Care & Trauma: Dr. Kristan Staudenmayer, Stanford Medical Center Associate Professor

We are in a new era of health technology when the wonder and possibilities of the tricorder are literally in our hands. In other words, the doctor CAN see you now!