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Movandi – Pioneering 5G Wireless Technology

by Bobby Yazdani, Founder & Partner


Maryam Rofougaran is CEO and Co-Founder of Movandi, a 5G innovator & RF semiconductor provider.

In this exclusive interview, Rofougaran explains how Movandi’s work on cutting-edge 5G technology—millimeter wave, RF chips, integrated antennas, and a software infrastructure—will open the door for next-generation connected products. 

Rofougaran also recounts how her and her brother Riza’s pioneering work at Broadcom and Innovent brought connectivity to billions of devices worldwide.



Cota Capital’s “Founders in 15” series offers insightful conversations with founders across Modern Infrastructure, Workflow Automation, FinTech, and HealthTech. 

Bobby Yazdani is co-founder and partner of Cota Capital, a technology investment firm that partners with exceptional teams to build and grow timeless companies enabling the future.