The Future of Payments – What’s Next for Your Wallet?

by Stewart Pond, Principal


Our panel moderator, Stewart Pond, Cota Principal, and our panel participants discuss the evolving landscape of commerce, and how consumers and merchant behaviors are driving adoption of different payment modalities.

The panel features three industry leaders and innovators: 

• Raj Aji, GC & CCO at

• Todd Clyde, CEO at Token

• Chuck Huang, CEO & Founder at Citcon

Over the last decade, we have witnessed a sustained decline in cash-based transactions as consumers and merchants have shown increased preference for digital payments. This trend accelerated during the Global Pandemic as consumers shifted more of their daily commerce to digital and contactless channels. Consumers and merchants have more options today than ever before in new forms of digital payment types (buy-now-pay-later, mobile wallets, account-to-account payments, digital currencies, etc).    

As we look towards the future, our panelists will share their perspective on trends forming in different regions of the world. We’ll unpack the underlying incentives and dimensions between merchants and consumers as they consider various payment methods and features that need to be developed to provide trust and security for all parties.



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